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Building the Badge: Tormenta FC

By AARON CRANFORD -, 02/13/18, 2:45PM EST


A look at the development of the South Georgia-based club’s logo

The creation of a celebrated soccer crest is not a simple or short process.

Founded in 2015, South Georgia Tormenta FC – which was named a founding member of USL Division III on Jan. 25 – was originally unveiled as a Premier Development League expansion team based in Statesboro, Georgia. That’s because the South Georgia Tormenta FC name and logo took about three or four months, including strategizing of the name, to make, with many different sketches created.

"From the beginning, Darin and his partner loved the name 'Storm,'" Brandiose Partner Jason Klein told "The problem was the name was already trademarked specially in the apparel category, which you have to own. So, we started looking at fresh ways to approach the storm angle when Darin suggested 'Tormenta,' which is Spanish for storm. The name sounds like torment, which is also a good association for a sports team. Once we selected the team name, it was straight to the drawing board. We must have presented 10-20 sketch concepts and several iterations before arriving at the final crest."

Brandiose Partners Klein and Casey White have developed numerous brands and identities over the years, creating high-quality looks for the World Series, Nike, Richmond Flying Squirrels, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and the Cincinnati Reds, as well as the United Soccer League’s Tulsa Roughnecks FC and Liga Ascenso’s FC Juarez.

While the formation of Tormenta FC’s identity took months to perfect, it was met with approval from the community and region when introduced at the Bishop Fieldhouse on the campus of Georgia Southern University on Aug. 8, 2015.

"The colors are definitely unique," Klein said. "Every time we approach a branding project, we’re looking for a few base colors that are available everywhere – such as on uniforms, T-shirts, promotional products, etc. Navy and light blue are those colors. Then, we like to add a zing color that can be achieved in printing or embroidery that will separate the color scheme from any other sports team in America. For the Tormenta, this is magenta. It’s bright, energetic and has been a huge hit for Tormenta fans."

The American white ibis, which can be found in coastal marshes and swamps in Southern Georgia served as the focal point for the development of the team’s identity.

"It’s the last animal in Southern Georgia into hiding before a hurricane and the first to come out after,” Klein said. “We love the story and made it the focal point of the crest. It’s really important to incorporate a hometown story into your crest that gets fans talking and has significance."

While the logo and team name were celebrated during the unveiling nearly three years ago, the iconic Tormenta FC brand dominated discussion once again as the team announced its plans to move to the professional ranks in 2019.

"Working with Jason and Casey has been first-class," Tormenta FC Majority Owner Darin Van Tassell said in August 2016. "Their ability to celebrate a local story and turn it into a brand is a wonderful tribute to our region. I know it will quickly become a brand celebrated by our fan base."

And so it has.

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